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Gas & Electric Services

Colorado's energy services are reliable and priced lower than the

national average. The state is a top producer of oil, coal and natural

gas, and is among the top  10 states for wind energy production.

Colorado is committed to proactive efforts to make the state more

energy efficient, saving natural resources, reducing its carbon

footprint, and saving money for businesses. By 2020, investor-owned

utilities must obtain 20% of their electricity from renewable energy

resources, with 4% coming from solar energy.


Colorado has a traditional regulated market for electric power.

Xcel Energy is the largest electricity and natural gas utility in the state. Most municipalities in Colorado operate their own utility. United Power and Intermountain Rural Electric provide services to some of the mountain communities.

More than 60% of Colorado's electricity is generated by coal, the most

inexpensive source of electricity. About 20% is generated by natural gas,

while hydroelectric and wind power combined account for almost 10% of the state's electricity generation.

Natural Gas

Colorado is a top natural gas-producing state, and is part of the corridor for shipping gas from the Rocky Mountain supply region to the Midwest and West markets. The state's natural gas production is growing, and construction of the Rocky Mountain Pipeline was recently completed to help move the rapidly increasing output to the Midwest.

Xcel Energy
For rate assistance, call:

Commercial: 303-571-3434
Residential: 303-623-1234

United Power
’s service territory includes Coal Creek Canyon and Golden Gate Canyon.
For rate assistance, call:


Intermountain Rural Electric Association provides electric service to Conifer.
For rate assistance, call:

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