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Property Tax
All real and business personal property, except that which is specifically exempt by law, is subject to property taxation by local districts. A general reassessment of all property in Colorado occurs every two years. For 2001 and 2001 assessments, a property’s market value is determined from sales and other data during the period between July 1, 1998, and June 30, 2000. The assessment rate for commercial and industrial property is set at 29 percent of market value, while the residential rate is adjusted during years of general reappraisal. The residential assessment rate is 9.15 percent for 2001 and 2002 assessments. The average mill levy in Jefferson County is 110.4515 mills.

State Tax Refund for Businesses
During the years of state budget surplus, taxpayers who paid $500 or less in business personal property tax will receive a refund of the full amount of personal property tax paid. Effective July 1, 2001, taxpayers who paid more than $500 will receive $500 plus 16 percent of the amount paid over $500.

Determination of Tax Rates
Where you live within a county determines the taxing entities to which you will pay your taxes.

Residential Example
Mrs. Jones’ home is provided services by four taxing entities. The market value of her home is $150,000. Her total tax bill is determined to be $1,295.10.
County tax rate: 2.5846 percent or 25.846 mills
City tax rate: .8750 percent or 8.75 mills
School district tax rate: 5.0165 percent or 50.165 mills
Water and sanitation tax rate: .0960 percent or 9.6 mills
Total tax rate: 9.4361 percent or 94.361 mills
$150,000 (Actual Value) x 9.15 percent (Assessment Percentage) x .094361 (Tax Rate) = $1,295.10 (tax bill)

Business Example
XYZ manufacturing owns a $10 million building including land.
$10,000,000 (Actual Value) x 29 percent (Assessment Percentage)
x .094361 (Tax Rate) = $273,646.90

Corporate Personal Property Tax Rebates
Under SB182, Colorado allows counties to rebate the corporate personal property tax up to 100 percent for up to 35 years. Companies interested in applying for this incentive must contact Jeffco EDC to request an application.

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